Born in the northeast and having lived in Berlin, London, Spain, New York, Los Angeles, and Portland, OR, abstract artist M I C H L J O S P H (Michael Joseph) moved to Santa Fe sight unseen in August 2021 having spent the previous year writing, producing and recording a lyrical-spoken-word music project that was entirely gratifying but not enough.

In need of something more visceral, more instinctual, more loose and unrestrained, M I C H L J O S P H returned to the clarity of color & movement and embarked on a project of 99 Paintings in 99 Days.

He ended with 150+ pieces and the invigorating realization that an untethered pursuit of raw & rhythmic expression through color and movement with an aggressive urgency that at times runs parallel to rhythmic language may actually be the best means for satiating a deep-seated desire for creativity, purpose, and a fulfilling connection to the world around us.
Three months after moving to Santa Fe, M I C H L J O S P H opened his home studio to the 30 or so people he had met at that point and showed 40 new abstract pieces. He also first spoke aloud his plans to build a website to connect with more people and to further support his work.

With this self-produced e-commerce shop and a return to a passion that first burned as a kid, M I C H L J O S P H continually strives to move with the unexpected that life often presents and to maintain focus on that which butters his bread. When he is not in the mountains, on the water, with those he loves or making art, he often wishes he was.

With many lives behind him and gallons of gratitude for your interest in his work, M I C H L J O S P H is next to certain this next chapter will be his most uninhibited, most productive and most fulfilling yet.

Photo by Erik of Earth